Monday, 10 February 2014

Cocktail Heaven... Raoul's - OXFORD

Every cocktail lover's dream! Raoul's! With over 100 cocktails to choose from, the baristas at Raoul's create each one with passion, pride and expertise.

All of the ingredients used at Raoul's is of HIGH QUALITY - 100% pressed juices and fresh fruit. A lot of their bitters, sherbets and syrups are also home made!

The vibe here is pretty chilled but can get VERY busy evening as the night goes on. It has a funky psychedelic feel to the venue and plays great music! Raoul's is much more of a bar than a night club though so  is perfect if you are planning a more casual night out - or want to start the night somewhere. THIS IS THE PLACE in Oxford. It's location is also very ideal as it is walking distance from some of the clubs and other bars. 

One of the creations we tried was the Mint Julep made from a strong mix of Maker's Mark Bourbon, fresh mint, golden syrup and crushed ice, all served together in an authentic Golden Syrup tin. Gotta love that!

Above we have the Spiced Pear which was made from of course spiced rum, cinnamon schnapps, pear puree, pressed apple juice and stem ginger. Garnished with a cinnamon dusted apple - this cocktail was DELICIOUS!

And here we have Level 42 - vodka, Licor 43, passion fruit puree, freshly squeezed lime, pressed apple juice and vanilla sugar. Yum yummy! I clearly got my 5-a-day at Raoul's!

Unfortunately Raoul's do not have "happy hours"... although every hour I have been in there was happy (excuse the cheese :P). But on a more serious level, as much as I would love a BOGOF or half price cocktail, Raoul's is all about the quality and you truly do get what you pay for!

I am definitely planning a trip to go back as I have made a list of cocktail creations I want to try from Raoul's such as; Wrong Island Spiced Tree, Jam Jar Shandy and Mitch Partini. See you soon Raoul's!