Monday, 30 December 2013

Eccentric Luxury... Crazy Bear - STADHAMPTON

Now, this venue is by far the most eccentric and fabulous place I have visited - and I think it will be a hard place to compete with in the future! Crazy Bear! They have four venues but I am going to tell you about the one located in Oxfordshire...

Next to the Pina Colada, my favourite cocktail is the almighty Amaretto Sours. My first time at the Crazy Bear was the first time I tried an Amaretto Sours - I just love first times! This picture was taken from Jess and I's send off last year when we visited Cyprus. Another first time experience I will have to tell you about later!


They also make WIKED Flaming Zombies. If you don't know about these... well now you do! Probably one of the strongest cocktails with 4 types of Rum and Brandy. Sure to make you feel like death the next morning!

The Crazy Bear in Stadhampton has a lot more to offer that just great cocktails! We attended a Summer Garden Party this year which had a live band and performances from artists such as JLS and Stacey Soloman. For anyone who is a fan of the old school - Sister Sledge also performed! ...Matt and I MAY have jumped up on stage for a cheeky sing along. 


Earlier this year, Matt took us Clay Pigeon shooting for my birthday. Something I have always wanted to do and wow did we do it in style.


This place has SO much to offer! I think if you are planning a weekend away - Come to Stadhampton! Come to The Crazy Bear! It will cover everything from amazing accommodation, mind blowing cocktails and sensual food to crazy activities like shooting. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Seriously check out their website to see more pictures (I have provided a link to their website if you click their name at the top of the post ^^^)

Stay posted as I am due a visit to The Crazy Bear to celebrate in the New Year!