Thursday, 18 July 2013

SUGAR AND SPICE. by amy louise

Without further ado... I give you SUGAR AND SPICE!

LIL OLD ME! I go by Amy, a London Girl, currently living in Portsmouth, and I wanted to share my passion for all things that taste GOOD! Since graduating I have actually been able to have a proper social life and enjoy travelling and discovering new taverns to hang out in. I'm new to blogger [hides face] and in fact pretty much new to any thing 21st century lol. After much peer pressure I got instagram this year (insta name: amylouisemcd), but facebook and twitter are still in the pipelines :-P.

COCKTAIL BLOG! Essentially I wanted this to be a cocktail blog. I love a good cocktail; classics and contemporaries. Rain or shine there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting up with friends and catching up over cocktails. I wanted to review these sometimes hidden gems and share with yall the hottest places to go all around the UK. Join me on my tasteful journey to discover qwerky venues which offer unique ambiance, great value, and friendly service - all which will make you want to visit!

ALL THINGS NICE! I also have a divine admiration for all things nice so watch out for the occasional "off cocktail" post about other things I think are pretty cool and... nice ;)

GET INVOLVED! For all your comments, suggestions and question please do so on Google+ or you can email me at;

STAY POSTED! I hope you all enjoy this blog as much I as enjoy writing it...

Amy Louise