Saturday, 10 August 2013

Like a Kid in a Candy Shop… Hong Kong Charlie’s – PORTSMOUTH

Seeing as I live in Portsmouth (and have been for the last  4 years) I had to dedicate my first post to this city! And what better venue to tell you about than Hong Kong Charlie’s! Whenever any of my London friend’s come down to visit I always make sure I bring them here – it has become a bit of a favourite :)

Found in the heart of Southsea, this little place earns 10/10 for the novelty of their drinks menu. HKC’s is the only Vodka Bar in Portsmouth and they produce all of their own shots using real sweets and vodka! Starburst, Lovehearts, Foam Bananas, Coca Cola Bottles, – you name it, they probably have the vodka for it! The best ‘shots’ are their frozen chocolate ones! Malteaser, Twix, Toblarone and many more… ‘Corkys’ is no comparison for these babies! More importantly, they have a great selection of COCKTAILS including some of the usual, such as Purple Rain, and some which are not so usual, such as Jelly Baby. Jelly Baby (the one on the left) consists of grenadine, pineapple juice, Smirnoff Red, Archers, Malibu and is topped of with Bols Blue Curacao. It is a seductively sweet cocktail - just the way I like it. And the best part… HKC’s is GREAT value for money! £10 usually gets me a  drink and 3 shots!

HKC’s offers a relaxed and chilled environment during the week which is perfect if you’re wanting to go out with a few friends and try something new. Is also great on a Friday/Saturday night before going clubbing – very lively atmosphere and the music is pretty up to date. There is an additional seating area on a basement floor which is perfect if you want to reserve and have a ‘private party’. My friends actually arranged a surprise 21st for me at this bar last year.

HKC’s is a must visit if you are ever in Portsmouth!